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SH Floorplan - Retail 1 - A1-1 Business.jpg


Commercial Space 1 

Floor Area 320 SF

You are looking for a small area for your boutique business? Utilizing one shipping container worth of space next to some other amazing neighbors will be the way to go.


Commercial Space 2 

Floor Area 947 SF

(incl.  320 SF Mezzanine)

You have a big vision and require a big space to make it a reality? Leasing the center portion combined with a mezzanine might be right for you. The 18 ft. ceilings will be sure to wow your customers.


Commercial Space 3

Floor Area 873 SF

(incl.  540 SF Mezzanine)

You are looking for indoor - outdoor options for your customer. Then this space might be your best fit. On top of getting two full containers and additional mezzanine space for storage, you will also get your own triangle courtyard, offering plenty of space for to hang out and mingle.

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